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    TV capture effect
    Monday, January 29, 2007
    TV capture effect

    Do you see this image? You think picture is captured from TV? No, it isn't. That effect is made in Photoshop. And here is how.

    Open Adobefotoshop. Make new document 1x6 pixels with transparent background. Zoom image 1200% (maximum). You can do that easily with CTRL++ combination.
    Chose foreground color for TV lines (black seems nice for it). From Tools palette pick Pencil tool and color top half of image. I did top half, (top 3 pixels) but you can do that with bottom half if you like, never mind.
    Go to Edit – Define Pattern and write «TV lines».
    Now, open photo where you want add TV capture effect. Make new layer. Go to Edit – Fill and from menu pick Pattern – TV lines.
    Set Layer Blending mode to Overlay. Set Opacity to 15. Change Blending mode from Normal to Overlay.
    Double click on that new layer, click on Pattern Overlay and set – Overlay, Opacity 50%, Pattern pick your new one, Scale 100%.
    You should get result like in first picture from this tutorial.


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