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    Fotoshop banner - part 5 - final
    Sunday, April 30, 2006
    Now, you're done with making your banner in Adobe photoshop. You are ready to
    save it. Since it will be used on internet, go to SAVE FOR WEB
    New window will appear
    On first drop down menu in your Fotoshop, you can choose format of your banner
    (Gif or Jpeg) and on other you choose quality of Jpeg , or number
    of colors of Gif.
    When you change something, on left bottom you see size of file
    like that. File must be not too big, and yet with some quality. You
    need to find balance . When you find it, click OK and banner is
    Now, you are ready to make your own banner and
    experiment a little more to make your banners better and better.

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    Photoshop Elements 4.0
    Saturday, April 29, 2006
    Fotoshop Elements 4.0
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 software combines power and simplicity. Edit and enhance your photos by fixing common flaws instantly. You can use advanced options for more control. Show off your creativity in entertaining slide shows, Web galleries, photo mail, and countless other ways.

    Photoshop Elements 4.0 is currently only available in Windows, and that Photoshop Elements 3.0 is available for Macintosh.

    The Fotoshop Elements 4.0 for Windows tryout is also available by mail.
    Windows version is 364.4MB and Macintosh version is 171.8MB large.
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    Make banners in Adobe fotoshop - part 4
    Friday, April 28, 2006
    Now, you are about to write some text on your photoshop banner. Pick up
    On top, you can manage font, position, text color.
    Click on banner and type.
    You will see on LAYERS, you've got new layer with big T on it's
    icon. Right click on that layer and left to BLENDING OPTIONS.
    You'll get new window.
    There are many options to manage look of text. This blending
    options you can use on any other layer except background. Now,
    we'll put nice shadow on our text. Click on DROP SHADOW ,
    and watch on banner. You can change opacity, distance, or
    whatever you like. When you change something, you'll see the
    difference on banner. When you are satisfy, click on OK and
    that's it.

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    Adobe Acquires Trade and Technologies France
    Thursday, April 27, 2006
    Press Release: SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 21, 2006 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced it has acquired Trade and Technologies France (TTF), makers of computer-aided design (CAD) data interoperability software. The acquisition will help build on the existing 3D visualization and collaboration capabilities of Adobe® software and solutions for the manufacturing industry and other markets. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

    “We’re focused on delivering the benefits of Adobe software and PDF to customers in technical markets, including the manufacturing industry,” said Tom Hale, senior vice president, Knowledge Worker Solutions Business Unit, Adobe. “We anticipate the acquisition of TTF will help us significantly accelerate and expand that effort. The key technology and expertise we gain from TTF will help enable Adobe to provide manufacturing organizations even more comprehensive solutions for 3D visualization and collaboration that extend across and beyond the enterprise.”

    TTF is a privately held company headquartered near Lyon, France. Along with the strong industry expertise of its staff, TTF’s technology includes CAD software interoperability translators and software libraries for high-end 3D visualization.

    Forward Looking Statements Disclosure
    This press release contains forward looking statements, including those related to future product development plans, which involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. For a discussion of these and other risks and uncertainties, individuals should refer to Adobe’s SEC filings. Adobe does not undertake an obligation to update forward looking statements.

    About Adobe Systems Incorporated
    Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information - anytime, anywhere and through any medium. For more information, visit .
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    Gradient tool in adobe fotoshop
    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    Now, lets play. First, set foreground color to white. Or, you can
    choose another color, I picked white. Then, select Photoshop GRADIENT
    Here , from dropdown menu, you can select whatever you want.
    You are freely to experiment. I choose second mode , called
    When you choose it, click somewhere in the middle of your new
    banner, and draw a line to left. When you pull out the mouse,
    you'll see something interesting.
    You can go to EDIT – STEP BECKWARD if you don't like what
    you have done, and try again. Play with size of line, with start
    position, with place where you stop... You can make lots of
    different effects with this tool.

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    Make banner in fotoshop - part 2
    Tuesday, April 25, 2006
    You can choose whatever you want, or size what you need.
    First, on drop down menu choose PIXELS , and then choose what
    size you want. On CONTENTS, you can choose background . We
    choose WHITE for this banner. Then, click OK and blank banner
    window will show up.
    For next step, go to FILE, then OPEN and choose one picture you
    want use in this banner.
    With RECTANGULAR MARQUEE TOOL select part of picture
    you want to use
    and go to IMAGE – CROP
    Now, copy that part of image.
    click on our new banner ( for now blank white banner ) and paste
    You can move it and pick place what you like for it , with MOVE

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    make banner in photoshop - part 1
    Monday, April 17, 2006
    Prepare yourself for photoshop (fotoshop) banner (baner) tutorial. I will teach you how to make banners in several parts. This is part 1 of this tutorial. You will need only Adobe Photoshop for that. I will guide you thru making sample banner I
    made, step-by-step, and you'll get basics. After that you will be able to make your own baner, and experiment to make whatever banner you need.
    First, open Fotoshop. Then , open new file New window will show up , where you must choose size of banner. Most common size is 468x60 pixels, so we will choose that size now.

    (will continue) ...

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    Fotoshop CS2 Crash
    Sunday, April 16, 2006
    It’s been reported on both the Adobe Fotoshop for Mac forums as well as on several other support sites-specifically MacInTouch that Apple OS X 10.4.6 update causes issues when reading or writing to and from servers running AFP (Aple File Protocol) particularly from within Adobe Fotoshop CS2.

    The story about networking issues from MacInToush is here and one thread from the Adobe forums indicates it’s a known bug introduced with the 10.4.6 update.

    In the Adobe forum thread, a post by user Stephanie Yant offers the following workaround:
    We had this problem in our electronic prepress department after updating to OSX 10.4.6. It only affects Fotoshop files saved to a network server, not locally. The fix mentioned on another thread is repeated below. I happened to have a copy of the necessary files at home (10.4.5), but I think you can extract what you need from the 10.4.5 Combo Updater. Boot up in Safe Mode, and be sure to repair the permissions using the Disk Utility when you are done replacing the folders.
    Downgrade the AppleShare client software on the Macs to the version that
    shipped in 10.4.5. Replace these three folders with the older ones:


    After repairing permissions and restarting, Photoshop no longer crashes.
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    Adobe fotoshop free download
    You can try Adobe fotoshop free for 30 days on
    Download free latest version from Adobe website. File is 329.1MB .


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