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    AdobePhotoshop Windows keybord shortcuts
    Monday, June 26, 2006
    Fits image in window
    Double-click , or Ctrl + Ø (zero)

    100% magnification
    Double-click "zoom tool", or Alt + Ctrl + Ø (zero)

    Zooms in or out
    Ctrl + "+" or "-"

    Zoom in on specified area of an image
    Ctrl + drag over preview in Navigator palette

    Scrolls image with hand tool
    Spacebar + drag, or drag view area box in Navigator palette

    Scrolls up or down 1 screen
    Page Up or Page Down

    Scrolls up or down 10 units
    "shift" + Page Up or Page Down

    Moves view to upper left corner or lower right corner
    Home or End

    Constrains marquee to square or circle
    "Shift" + drag

    Draws marquee from center
    Alt + drag

    Snaps guide to ruler ticks
    "shift" + drag guide

    Toggles guide orientation
    Alt + drag guide

    Fill selection with foreground/background color
    Alt + Backspace, or Ctrl + Backspace

    Fills from history
    Alt + Ctrl + Backspace

    Displays Fill dialog box
    "shift" + Backspace

    Draws square slice
    "shift" + drag

    Draws from center outward
    Alt + drag

    Reposition slice while creating slice
    Spacebar + drag

    Opens context-sensitive menu
    Right mouse button on slice

    Toggles snap to slices on and off
    Ctrl while drawing a slice


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